Art Against Agony releasing new video single, giving away an instant grat track for pre-ordering “Shiva Appreciation Society”!

As the first single of their new album Shiva Appreciation Society, ART AGAINST AGONY have put the Hindu deity Nandi on display, which serves as a mount to Shiva and aggravates the god of destruction and rebirth with playing the Indian mridangam drum. Here’s what the artist collective, which also acts as the brilliant band we’re witnessing here, has to say about their latest track:

“Within the video, we narrate our version of Plato’s allegory of the cave: What you see in the materialistic world is merely an image – bodies, faces and names, that appear for a short time in flesh, yet with death and destruction very soon dissolve and disappear again.

Our bodies, names and faces are miraculous reflections of ideas flickering around our daily lives, yet they will always remain mere reflections of our actions, of our ideas put into reality.
It is our ideas and actions that truly matter in our lives:

We are born nobodies
We will die nobodies
But we are no bodies anyway”

To close the time gap until the official release (October 5th) every pre-order gets rewarded with an instant grat trackHouse Built On Sand!

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28.09.18 – GER Stuttgart, Kellerklub
26.10.18 – GER Munich, Music Club
27.10.18 – AUT Vienna, Kramladen
02.11.18 – GER Karlsruhe, P8
16.11.18 – CHE Lenzburg, Met Bar
17.11.18 – FRA Metz, La Chaouée
23.11.18 – GER Ulm, Beteigeuze
08.12.18 – GER Tübingen, Sudhaus


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