Das Oktober Metalfest: Because beer and metal are a match made in heaven

The craziness of Oktoberfest has been taking over the world the past years, including the Netherlands. Not that crazy, because what is a better reason to raise the glass than a wedding from 1810 (yes, that’s the real reason of Oktoberfest). Well, Loud Noise has an answer to that; a strong metal line-up spread over 3 podia. Because metal and beer is just a better combination than beer and marriage. And yes, they believe it is so!

Loud Noise is this year bringing the best of two worlds together; the beer-pulling of Oktoberfest and bands from a Metalfest. Together they form Dás Oktober Metalfest!

You don’t have to worry about the intricate German grammar system, everything is “Das” at Das Oktoberfest. Das beer, Das tickets, Das lol, Das bands, Das curryworst, Das schnitzels, Das metal, Das headbanging, Das Rooie Jager, Das Henk Wijngaard, Das Oktober Metalfest (DOM in short)!

Das line-up
The following bands are bringing Das metal to Das fest. 
Death Angel
Kees van Hondt
Patatje Metal
+ more t.b.a.

Das Rooie Jager put Das flame in Das Fest with Henk Wijngaard and more on the third podium.

Tickets are available now!

Free Skull-Pull

They’re selling 2 kinds of tickets. You can buy a normal ticket, but for the true beer drinker they also have Das VIP tickets. What’s the difference? As Das VIP you don’t have to worry about beer and meat anymore. For Das VIP everything is included.

For both regular as Das VIP the settlement goes that you’ll receive 1 free Skull-pull, THE drink cup/glass of Das Oktober Metalfest!

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