Wacken 2018

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‘Welcome home, where’s the beer’? The first line you hear when you get to Wacken. Then you know you’re in for a good time. Unfortunately, time flies by very fast when you are having fun. Rain or shine. This year, Wacken was definitely a shine edition. With temperatures above 30 degrees, the free ice cold water was more than welcome. Luckily there were enough places to get water, you just had to find the right one where there was no waiting line. But enough of these random facts. Lets get to the point.

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Tuesday, July 31.

So yeah, Wacken officially starts on Thursday, with also some bands on Wednesday. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do on Tuesday. Because at Wacken, even the campsite is part of the festival. There are plenty of shops for food, merch, CD’s, Vinyl, … But there’s also other entertainment like a motor show, or even just taking a walk around the campsite is entertaining enough already. Just look for all the things people built. Some have swimming pools, some have built bars. You’ll find the most creative stuff. Also, you will definitely make friends by just walking around, as everybody is really one big family.


If you arrive on Tuesday, there’s no line to pick up your Full Metal Bag and your wristband which saves a lot of time waiting. You will also have some time to explore the village as well. Everybody who lives in Wacken throughout the year participates at the festival by, for example, heaving a bar in their yard.

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