Antwerp Metal Fest 2017

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There are a lot of festivals in a summer, but this is one of the “smaller” ones I look forward to the most in a year. We saw a lot of bands during the Antwerp Metal Fest weekend and had lots of  fun, without further ado, lets take a look at what you came here for, shall we?

Saturday Sunday General


The sun is shining, temperatures are rising… as always it promises to be a weekend of pure metal Summer. Bright and early our day starts at lunch time at this great underground metal festival!

Speed Queen (***1/2)
Typical 80’s thrash metal from Belgium formed in 2014. They released their First EP King Of The Road last April. It was a nice opener of the festival, and even though thrash isn’t really something I listen to daily, this definitely worked for me! I really enjoyed their vocal style because it usually seemed less high in pitch than what I’m used to from most thrash bands.

The Scalding (****)
Modern extreme death metal is what they call themselves, and I think that’s the best way to describe them. I feel like this is a band you either like or you don’t there’s no in between, and I happen to be on the “like” end of the spectrum. They reminded me riff-wise of Opeth sometimes even though the atmosphere was completely different.

The Scalding

Predatoria (****1/2)
A 2004 Belgian death metal band with hints of groove, a melancholic melody and lyrics based on true wartime stories. Their show was spot on and I loved the vibe they had. I also really enjoy their lyrical themes that really fit their music well. I like the fact that a Belgian band took on a theme like this considering we have quite the interesting role in the history of the World Wars. I enjoyed their leads the most, and I must admit, the vocals kind of remind me of Johan Hegg (you can see that as a very big compliment, I love Amon Amarth).


Fractured Insanity (***1/2)
Belgian death metal with a Decapitated flair. They put on a really good show and they certainly didn’t disappoint for the first time seeing them. I especially liked the way their bass guitar came through. I look forward to seeing what these guys put out in the future.

Fractured Insanity

Fields of Troy (****)
A melody infused heavy metal band with Mastodon as one of the main inspirations. I really enjoyed their show just as I did the last time I saw them. This is not what I usually listen to and was definitely different from what I’m used to hearing at AMF, but it was a nice change.

Interstellar Deathroll (***1/2)
I really liked this show, even if it was a pity you couldn’t really hear the female vocals. I was honestly scared this would be a watered down version of Bliksem, considering their old vocalist has a very specific style in my opinion, but they pleasantly surprised me. However much I like them, I don’t know whether they can keep living up to my expectations because I enjoyed Bliksem so much, but that is something to be seen in the future.

Interstellar Deathroll

Saille (****1/2)
They never disappointed me, and now they certainly didn’t either. It was a great show, per usual. It’s a sad thing to see their old singer go, but I’m curious for what the future will bring. In case it’s not obvious: I really like seeing Saille live, and I must admit that when asked I could probably not tell you exactly what drew me to them the first time I saw them.


Benei ha’Elohim
Pandaemonium Gathers
Genesis 11: 1-9
Haunter of the Dark

Vader (***)
I like Vader a lot, but something seemed to be wrong technically, so they didn’t sound as good as I would’ve liked them to. I can’t say that I didn’t like the show, but I think it wasn’t my favourite of the night. Better next time!


Triumph of Death
Silent Empire
Prayer to the God of War
Dark Age
Vicious Circle
One Step to Salvation
Black to the Blind
Send Me Back to Hell
Cold Demons

Bütcher (***)
Blackened heavy and speed metal from Antwerp. Great show, not really my cup of tea, but I did enjoy it anyway. I really liked the way they presented themselves, but I’m not too sure whether I’d go to a show where only them would play.


Destruction (****)
Thrash metal from Germany and to be honest, I’d been looking forward to seeing them for a while. They didn’t disappoint at all and I really enjoyed seeing them live for the first time. I doubt this will be the last time as well. I think music wise these were my favourites of the shows later in the evening


King Hiss (****1/2)
Just like Graspop, these guys never cease to amaze me, big festival, small festival, their shows are always spot on. I really enjoy the combination of their vocals and guitars and I think the future will only get brighter for these guys.

King Hiss

Sepultura (*1/2)
The most disappointing band all weekend to be honest, technically something was off and I really couldn’t seem to enjoy their set, sorry Sepultura, but I preferred Max and Iggor Cavalera on Graspop. I knew I was getting my chance of seeing Sepultura live here and I was actually pretty stoked on seeing them, until they started playing this set. I was joined by a couple of my friends of whom I know they’re really into Sepultura and the band certainly makes an appearance in their top 10. But even they left during the set, and I know that if they did, something was wrong.


I Am the Enemy
Phantom Self
Desperate Cry
Sworn Oath
Inner Self
Iceberg Dances
Resistant Parasites
Biotech Is Godzilla / Polícia
Roots Bloody Roots

AMF All Star band (*1/2)
I didn’t like their setlist as much as last year to be honest, this was a bit hit or miss, and it missed for me this year. The songs weren’t really my thing and I was getting pretty tired (and knew I’d have a busy day ahead) so I made the wise decision of leaving to go make a visit to my bed.

For more pictures by our photographer Tomy Devogelaere go have a look here!