Antwerp Metal Fest 2017

There are a lot of festivals in a summer, but this is one of the smaller festivals I look forward to the most in a year. We saw a lot of bands during the Antwerp Metal Fest weekend and had lots of  fun, without further ado, lets take a look at what you came here for, shall we?

Saturday Sunday General


After a great first day, we showed up again as early as we could to not miss a beat of the next day full of Summer, metal and friends!

Furia (***1/2)
I got these recommended to me and I have no regrets! Great show, I really enjoyed their vibes, so I do recommends these to you as well. I do think it was quite sad they played so early, they deserved a much bigger audience than what they had.


Dead End Path (***)
They put on a really good show. In my eyes they seemed to have a lot more punk influences, but it wasn’t my thing, I can recognise why others would find their music appealing. To me the guitars stood out, but I really didn’t like the vocals much.

Komah (***)
Very well executed show, and I really think they had the perfect time slot for them to play at. There were quite a lot of people and I think this was the best show I’ve seen them play thus far.


We missed out on San Diablo and Moments since we were having a chat with some of the artists that were going to perform later this day still, but we hurried to get to the next band still:

Nervosa (****1/2)
All female thrash metal and holy shit was that good! These Brazilian girls killed it on stage, wow. We did an interview with Fernanda Lira that you can check out here! I never would’ve expected she’d be so exited by being interviewed by two females and I really do respect the whole band as for the effort they put into their passion. It’s easily recognised that they absolutely love what they do and it shone through in their show as well.


Evil Invaders (****1/2)
Great show, per usual. They played a couple of their new songs, and those were very well received, the only “bad” thing I can say is that there once again seemed to be technical difficulties. We also talked with some of the guys from Evil Invaders at the festival, go read our interview here!

Evil Invaders

Carnation (***1/2)
I really enjoyed seeing them play, and I think they have even more potential if given the chance. To me they were very reminiscent of pure old school death metal and I think that will be one of their strongest suits because they’re great at what they do.


Diablo Blvd. (****1/2)
I really looked forward to this one, because of their new singles, and once again I was not disappointed. I’ve seen them live plenty of times and I really enjoyed the way they brought their new songs. If you want more info you can always check out our interview with them here.

Diablo Blvd

Demonize (Live debut)
Beyond The Veil
Fear Is For The Enemy
Animal (Live debut)
Follow The Deadlights
Sing From The Gallows (Live debut)
Saint of Killers
Rise Like Lions
Life Amounts To Nothing (Live debut)
Black Heart Bleed

Toxic Shock (****)
Another band from Antwerp and I honestly think they’re really funny, like in their videoclip Monday is Cancelled or their collab with Team Panini, can’t wait to see which other tricks these guys have up their sleeves! To me this was pure thrash, although not taken to seriously. And I must give them major kudos for doing something so original as working with Team Panini, not a lot of bands would take on something like that I think.

Death Angel (***)
They played a really good show, but I can’t really judge the whole thing seeing that I was interviewing as well, but it sounded pretty good!

Death Angel

Sisters Of Suffocation (****1/2)

Definitely not the first time seeing these girls live, and definitely not the last one! I really enjoyed their vibe while playing and their show was amazing, per usual. They really do hold to their name and they do remind me of Suffocation a lot, only different. But that seems to be the goal here.

For more pictures by our photographer Tomy Devogelaere go have a look here!