Finnish coldwave artist Suzi Sabotage released new single and announced donation campaign to Ukraine


Suzi Sabotage states:

“I Am The Storm is a hymn to inner strength, resilience, and survival through difficult times. It’s especially dedicated to the courageous people of Ukraine. For every 2,000 streams on Spotify, $5 will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.” 

Stream it here: 

Suzi Sabotage is a dark coldwave solo artist from Helsinki, Finland, and her wintry, gloomy, synthpunk soundscape is both danceable and ethereal. The media had even called Suzi the ‘Finnish siren’ and she exudes an air of desperation with her distinctive voice. Suzi Sabotage began her solo career in 2017, steering her repertoire in a darker direction with the single “Persona Non Grata”. The Helsinki-based artist’s music can be compared to that of Siouxsie and the Banshees. You can watch the haunting video for “Persona Non Grata” here: 

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