French power trio Lizzard to release “Eroded” full-length via Pelagic Records


French power trio LIZZARD will release their Eroded full-length this February via Pelagic Records.  

If color could communicate premonitions of feelings and introspective mental states, then the album cover of LIZZARD‘s Eroded would be an adequate synopsis of the current state of the world: the ochre, brown, and green feel tired, worn, drained, eroded… but the bright yellow and orange and the central white parts insinuate a statement of hope, and in that the album art couldn’t be a more adequate representation of LIZZARD‘s music: a melting pot of invigorating riffs, heavy driven groove, and catchy vocal lines. In early 2021, Eroded comes as a strong, hopeful voice expressing the suppressed yearning for an end of this madness which we all carry inside.  

LIZZARD‘s songwriting is often distinguished by intricate rhythmical patterns, but these are always woven into the fabric of immensely catchy song constructs. The technical prowess here is well concealed behind the glaring allure of the immediacy of raw, in your face rock music. In many ways, Eroded is a trip back to the best parts of the ’90s, but in the sound of 2020.  

Captured during a long month of voluntary isolation at the legendary Castle Studios in Germany, Eroded brings the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. “The vibe on the album is generally one of hope,” notes the band, “and an invitation to stay alert to the light within ourselves, and to keep moving towards brighter destinations.” Bring on the future and for once, let it be the past, as we knew it before the pandemic.

In advance of the release, the band is pleased to unveil a video for first single, “Blowdown,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

Eroded will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats February 19th, 2021. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Eroded Track Listing:
1. Corrosive
2. Blowdown
3. Haywire
4. Flood
5. Hunted
6. The Decline
7. Eroded
8. Usque Ad Terram
9. Blue Moon
10. Inertia
11. Avalanche  

Forged in 2006, when drummer Katy Elwell, bassist William Knox, and guitarist/vocalist Mathieu Ricou met and discovered that they shared a common vision in music, LIZZARD soon set out to work on their sound with a mission to find their own idiosyncratic approach to contemporary rock music – music that makes confident reference to the past without romanticizing it. The band released their Venus EP in 2008 followed by their debut full-length Out Of Reach in 2012, which was recorded with Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly) who proclaimed his love of the band’s “marvelous poly-rhythmical sound.”    

It was their 2014 Majestic full-length that was met with great critical acclaim. A more spontaneous and raw affair compared to its predecessors, the offering was recorded live and produced by the band themselves capturing the intense energy the band unleashes on stage. “We’re very much a live band creatively speaking,” says Knox. “All of the writing sessions happen in our rehearsal space rather than at home. We believe that to capture any vibe, the chemistry between members needs to occur in real time… at least for us.”    

Shift, released in 2018, opened new doors for the band, “LIZZARD accomplishes the perfect balancing act between music that is challenging and catchy in equal measure,” raved Metal Hammer. The band opened for Gojira and Terry Bozzio who invited them to perform on Drum Channel and embarked on month-long European tours with the likes of High On Fire, The Pineapple Thief and Adrian Belew Power Trio.

More LIZZARD online:

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