Bokassa & Planet of Zeus (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 02/09/2022

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If you were any bit into stoner rock, this night at On The Rocks in Helsinki was the place to be. With the first visit ever in Finland of the popular Greek stoner rock outfit Planet of Zeus and a first visit not supporting someone else of the Norwegian stoner punks of Bokassa, this would be a night to remember. Especially knowing that the latter one was handpicked by Lars Ulrich to open for Metallica on their 2019 Europe tour, there has to be something there…

Planet of Zeus

The night opened up by the Greek rockers of Planet of Zeus and a semi-filled venue. It was somewhat surprising to us that not more people showed up for a night with these bands, but we bet that the sold out show of The 69 Eyes at Tavastia somewhat influenced the ticket sales here. Luckily those who were there, more than made it up with their sheer enthusiasm. As soon as they kicked off their set, people started moving to the grooves of the music and that only increased the longer they played. Their brand of stoner infused heavy rock ‘n’ roll is so infectious and fun that you can’t help but start nodding along. And if you’re any bit more attuned, you’ll quickly start moving and dancing more. Tracks like ‘Loyal to the Pack‘ are simply bangers that I thoroughly enjoyed! It was the first time Planet of Zeus landed on the Finnish shores and we sincerely hope it won’t be the last.


Loyal to the Pack
Your Love Makes Me Wanna Hurt Myself
All These Happy People
A Girl Named Greed
Macho Libre
Them Nights
Your Song


After getting to Finland opening for Metallica and only a few months ago on the Rockfest line-up, one of Finland’s biggest rock festivals, the Norwegian stoner punks of Bokassa made it here all by themselves! If there is one thing that can be said about their set, is that it was a whole lot of fun and it was LOUD! We would have maybe liked it turned down a little bit because both the bass and drums half of the time seemed to be drowning out half of the guitar sound, which caused it to be a bit messy and chaotic at times. But hey, that clearly didn’t take away any of the fun a good part of the crowd seemed to be having with a setlist filled with rowdy tracks both old school and new. There was dancing, headbanging and fists in the air like there was no tomorrow! And when the chaos lifted a bit, some of the musical genius and prowess of these guys peeked through. Combined with the jokes about liquorice soda, the new guitar of Jørn Kaarstad and other silliness, it was really a damn entertaining start of the weekend. Bokassa, it was nice to have met you!


Last Night (Was a Real Massacre)
Captain Cold One
Mouthbreathers Inc.
You Bring Party, I Bring Gasoline
Burn it All (P.T.S.D.E.A.D)
Low (And Behold)
Walker Texas Danger
Genocidal Tendencies
No Control
Molotov Rocktail
Immortal Space Pirate (The Stoner Anthem)
So Long, Idiots!
Five Finger Fuckhead

For more pics of the night, go check out the photo report here.

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