Evanescence: A Live Session from Rock Falcon Studio – 5/12/2020

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For many metalheads, the song ‘Bring Me To Life’ is part of the soundtrack of their teenage years and Evanescence has grown from a Gothic-tinged nu metal act into one of the biggest metal/rock formations of the US. The voice of frontwoman Amy Lee is probably one of the most distinct around and they are still massively popular all over the world. So when they announced a live stream studio show that would include both classics and music from their upcoming new album ‘The Bitter Truth’, we were all so excited to attend.

Before the music started, Amy Lee answered some questions from fans in a short Q&A session. She talked about finishing the upcoming ‘The Bitter Truth’ album and how it took her a while to get some things wrapped up, being the perfectionist she is. Also, she saw the positive things in the situation we’re in because of COVID-19, certain creative things she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do like some of the collabs she worked on and it having a invaluable influence on them writing and recording the new music. There was even a question about a certain keyboard setting that she got really excited about! A lovely little insight in what is going on with them and in Amy‘s head that was a great starter for what was to come still.

Then we finally got to the music part of the event, time for some Evanescence (****)! Amy welcomed us all to the Rock Falcon Studio in Nashville where they recorded their upcoming album and pointed out that drummer Will and guitarist Troy where there with her, while bassist Tim was in California and their other guitarist Jen in Germany. That being said, they kicked off with ‘Wasted on You’, immediately followed by ‘The Game is Over’. Both being singles from the upcoming ‘The Bitter Truth’ album, it was really great to get to hear them live for the first time. What immediately struck me was the quality of both the sound and overall editing of the show. The sound was as close to flawless as you could get and I loved all the switches between different cameras, angles and even side-by-side video of different members. Despite them not being together in the same room mostly, that gave it a bit more of a feeling of seeing a complete band in front of you despite the circumstances.

After those very new tracks, they treated us with an oldie they haven’t played live in quite a while, but that was very fitting with the situation. ‘The Only One’ from the second full-length of Evanescence was a welcome sight and with ‘Sick’ following up to that, we got two classics that reminded me again how great these guys are. Amy‘s voice will be one that I’ll recognize forever in a fraction of a second and is still one of my favorites around. Every single time when she opens her mouth, I get simply captivated by what comes out and fall in love with it over and over again.

And if that wasn’t enough yet for those old school fans among us, next up was the dark and brooding ‘Going Under’ from their debut album. That really brought me back to my youth and Amy still absolutely kills it with her vocal lines. After that little throwback moment, Amy took her headphones off to direct a very touching little speech towards the viewers about everyone having a voice and that you shouldn’t let anyone neglect or suppress that voice. Which was the lead-in to what you could call the protest song of their upcoming album: ‘Use My Voice’. An uplifting and empowering track that I really liked from the first time I heard it.

Of course the one song that couldn’t be missed from any Evanescence show, is ‘Bring Me To Live’, the track that suddenly was played all over the world and got them a first boost towards the stardom the gained by now. It’s a song that is still very near and dear to my heart, having played it endlessly much back when it was released. However, I still miss the version that included the male vocals every time I hear the song without them. The conversational kind of play between Amy‘s lines and those of the guy gave that song an undeniable dynamic that I miss a bit live.

Next, Amy switched to another room to be able to play a proper piano for the following track. While everyone in the chat seemed to be expecting and hoping for that other major hit of their early days, ‘Immortal’, she surprised us with the very personal track ‘Lost in Paradise’. Put Amy behind a piano and just let her voice go along with that and you get emotional magic that cuts through to the bone every single time. And even more surprising, Amy ended with a last song with her just at the piano, covering one of her favorite tracks that inspired her and coincidentally is also one of my absolute favorites: ‘Glory Box’ by Portishead. With Amy‘s voice belting out the lines, a very worthy contestant with the original!

With a last thank you for attending, Amy waved us out and expressed her hope to see us all live again soon. We thank you for the lovely event and follow you with that wish: hope to see you again soon!

Wasted on You
The Game is Over
The Only One
Going Under
Use My Voice
Bring Me to Life
Lost in Paradise
Glory Box (Portishead cover)

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