IGORRR: Spirituality and Distortion tour I (L’Aéronef, Lille) – 08/12/2021

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They said it would be difficult to write about this gig. Not quite sure what we witnessed. It’s a totally different way to interpret music, it’s a great performance, it’s art you have to experience. While concerts in Belgium have been cancelled due to Covid, just over the French border in Lille, L’Aéronef is about to vibrate on it’s foundations at least one more night with the experimental soundscapes of Igorrr and Horskh.

Horskh (***)

Strange sounds echo through the room, everything calms down and the lights go out slow. When the men of Horskh mount the stage it is immediately done with the calm. Sure when a drummer starts a show without a shirt it is going to be brutal. Hard EBM mixed with hypnotic electro and explosive metal, performed by three great musicians and showmen, easily brings the room into ecstasy.


Igorrr (****)

Gautier Serre rises above his booth and starts pounding his trip hop beats and samples through the speakers. Sounds you have never heard at a metal or no matter what kind of concert. Just don’t think about it and get pulled into the music. The music flows or jumps from moment to moment, from feeling to feeling and from genre to genre. Peaceful baroque or classical music can suddenly change to or be spiked with dirty breakcore. Everything is possible.


When drummer Sylvain Bouvier joins with his double bass talents and guitarist Martyn Clement starts shredding alternative licks, the metal party starts and moshpits and crowdsurfers come to the surface. They are able to combine traditional Balkan music, rhythmic jazz and death metal. They play it all. The solo’s and choreography with lights seem to be done effortless.


On top of al this musical virtuosity comes the contradiction between the demonic screams of the newly joined JB Le Bail and soprano vocals of Aphrodite Patoulidou. They both pull you into their world they are creating just by using so much emotion in their vocals. It’s almost feels like watching a play instead of a concert. He is like a beast roaming around the stage outing deep, angry and sad emotions. While she seems to be a joyful girl and at times a hysterical woman. As encore she even sang supported by the crowd who was singing the same tone over and over.


There is no doubt these are some incredibly talented musicians who just know how to create unbelievable music together. It’s not possible to describe exactly how it feels to join an Igorrr concert. You have to experience it!!

For more pictures of the night, go here.

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