Life Of Agony “30th anniversary world tour” (The Black Lab, Wasquehal, France) – 31/01/2023

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A lot of bands of the 90s seem to relive their youth these days. This is also the case for the groove metallers of Life Of Agony who are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their masterpiece debut album River Runs RedTheir old time friends of Prong accompanied them on the road together with the female fronted band Tarah Who? That this was going to be an evening to remember was written in the stars.

Tarah Who?

The stage was completely filled so Tara Who? had only a little space left to do their thing. This almost all-female LA based band build around frontwoman Tarah G. Carpenter, who is originally from France and moved to LA to fulfill her dreams, brings us a mix of alternative grunge with a touch of punk in the style of L7 and Hole. They brought a quite energetic set and the very sympathetic Tarah stole the hearts of the public. It was also her birthday, so another reason to party this evening. I would want to give the female drummer some extra attention, she did a very good job and played outstanding, I think I have a crush. Well, this was a nice opener for the hot night that was to come.


Prong is one of my of all-time favorite bands, it’s always a pleasure to catch ’em live. The place was already packed, and the tension rose high. With the intro of Test you could already guess where this set was going. They followed their friends of Life Of Agony to celebrate their 30th anniversary of Cleansing. Once again the set was played tight as hell with an incredible rhythm section in the form of Jason Christopher on bass and Jason Bittner (Overkill) on drums. And what to say about Tommy Victor, he looks fit as hell, plays better than ever, it seems that age doesn’t have any influence on him. With excellent versions of Beg To Differ, Unconditional, Whose Fist Is This Anyway, Prong, came, played and made the audience bounce on their swinging grooves. That this band after more than 30 years is still so tight, and their songs are sounding still fresh, proves that this is a band that deserves more than ever a place in the history of music. No surprise they are mentioned a lot as influence for much bigger bands.

Life Of Agony

Life Of Agony celebrates their 30th anniversary of their once in a lifetime debut album “River Runs Red”. That this is an album that still touches the hearts of the groovy music fans may be no surprise. The audience freaked out already on the tunes of “This Time”, even so that Mina had to calm the audience to have a bit more respect to the musician’s material. What followed were intense groove moments with excelled versions of all the songs on this album. Mina has not only transformed herself to a more confident human being, but is also funny as hell. Her voice is the biggest step forward in contrary to the nineties where you could hear that things weren’t necessarily how they should to be. The swinging grooves, tempo changes, the vocal lines made this an evening not to forget. Next to the full album of River Runs Red we got also incredible versions of Let’s Pretend, Lost At 22 and I Regret, to name a few. Mina also stressed a lot on that these concerts are the way to go and not the fake image of music that nowadays exists, and she is quite right about that.


River Runs Red

This Time
River Runs Red
Through and Through
Words and Music
Bad Seed
My Eyes
Method of Groove
The Stain Remains
Other Side of the River
Let’s Pretend
Lost at 22
I Regret

This back to the future evening of two of the most excellent albums that came out in the nineties was an intense and hot experience. This music has still so much to offer after all these years, let’s keep these memories alive. Also, a big shoutout to the owners of the venue The Black Lab, what a nice venue not so far from Lille in France; hot, nice people, nice food,… what do we need more. This was indeed a night to remember that teased all the emotions of the audience.

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