Sick Of It All (Trix, Antwerp) – 7/11/2019

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Sick of It All was dedicated to bring hardcore punk to Antwerp and break Trix down. They brought Comeback Kid and Cancer Bats with them to create an amazing evening for all music lovers who like it a little bit rough.

The first band of the evening was Additional Time. They were already playing when we arrived because, to be honest, we were a little bit confused by the name. But we still heard them making a lot of noise. Nice to hear the hardcore melodies in all of this noise.

Adittional Time (5)

Cancer Bats (***)

Cancer Bats was ready to crank the heat up. This bunch of strange individuals from Canada brought a lot of speed from the start till the end. Their punk rock songs made me think a little bit of Rage Against The Machine at times.

Cancer Bats (11)

Comeback Kid (***1/2)

The last singer and the singer and drummer of Comeback Kid grew up in the same neighbourhood and now they are on a big tour together. When the first note blasted through the speakers the first stage dive occurred and the party started. We are one community and all is possible. The fans sang or screamed along with all of the songs and big crowds singing are epic. With a big ending they totally made the crowd ready for the main act.

Comeback Kid (10)

Sick Of It All (****1/2)

The apotheoses of all this energy is Sick Of It All. This big classic hardcore punk band exists more than 30 years and all this experience shows. They played a lot of their new songs as well as a lot of their old classics. The energy on stage and in the room was insane. And with every song it became better, louder and harder. The whole crowd was like one big family having fun together. I can recommend everybody to join this family at least one time in their life.

Sick Of It All (1)

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