Eluveitie (Trix, Antwerp) – 10/11/2019

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Eluveitie embarked on an extensive European tour bringing their brand of folk metal to most countries within the continent. Added to that they brought the Italian powerhouse Lacuna Coil and up-and-coming talents from Moldavia, Infected Rain! We attended the Belgian stop in the Trix venue…

Infected Rain (***)

It has been a while that I heard rumours about Infected Rain. I was excited to finally see this metal band from Moldova live. Together with me there are already plenty of people there to welcome them to Belgium. Their music has an aggressive vibe but even with all the screaming (grunting and pure) they still miss some kind of power in their sound. It was nice to discover them and feel the connection with the audience and hear their new approach to metal.

Infected Rain (3)
Infected Rain (1)

Lacuna Coil (***1/2)

The Italian metal band Lacuna Coil brings a full show with costumes, make-up, light effects an so on. Everything has a place and is well thought about. They alternate between peaceful and whipping parts. This way they bring a lot of energy to their music and to the crowd. The male and female vocals bring a nice dynamic which is very interesting. Certainly a band I would want to see again in a full show.

Lacuna Coil (11)

Eluveitie (****)

Eluveitie brings a lot to their show: there is so much happening, time passes by before you even realize it. They bring a very varied performance. Because they are with eight musicians they can bring a lot of different kind of songs. They make a phenomenal mix of modern and historical instruments. Also the switch between male and female vocalists is quite pleasing. There are quiet periods where you can enjoy the music and experience where the music takes you peacefully. On the other hand there are energetic eruptions where you can’t hold yourself and need to dance. Even crowdsurfers and small moshpits occur.. It’s a long show, but you fall from one experience into the next, and it’s one big party.

Eluveitie (14)

Before I know the evening is over and I’m heading back home hoping I can see these bands again one day.

For more pictures of the night, go here:

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