Iconic Belgian electro-industrial act Suicide Commando release new song ‘God Of Destruction’

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Iconic Electro-Industrial act SUICIDE COMMANDO release their new song GOD OF DESTRUCTION (LIES LIES LIES) through label OUT OF LINE, dealing with issues of religion & mankind. 

Pioneer of dark electro Johan Van Roy delivers his signature haunting synthesizer melody, perfectly blending dark, aggressive beats with profound lyrical content.

Besides the main song, the EP contains remixes by the American EBM project Kreign and the Greece Siva Six.
Furthermore you can find a new remake in 2 chapters of “Destroyer of worlds”:

01 God of destruction (lies lies lies)

02 God of destruction (Kreign remix)

03 I’d die for you (Siva Six remix)

04 Destroyer of worlds (the Trinity test – Hiroshima)

05 Destroyer of worlds (the Trinity test – Nagasaki)

“While religion is meant to be something constructive, positive and should bring people hope, it unfortunately often is destructive and one of the biggest dangers of mankind.

Whether you believe in a Jesus or a God in whatever religion.

Religion often brings war, destruction, pain … just think about all those terrorist attacks of the last decades, think about all those wars going on in Africa or elsewhere, and not to speak about the 2 faces of the church and their years of child abuse etc …”

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