Interview In Flames – “It’s funny how everyone’s reference seems something different.”

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In Flames is one of the biggest names in the metal scene right now, bringing in huge crowds wherever they go. And now with their upcoming new album ‘Foregone’, it seems they’ve started to appeal again to some of their older fans as well with a sound reminiscent of some of their work decades ago. About time to sit down with longstanding member and guitarist Björn Gelotte over a Zoom meeting and have a chat about how things have been and the album…

We talked for a moment about how amazing In Flames‘ year has been with touring through the US and Europe with some amazing bands like At The Gates, Meshuggah, Imminence, Orbit Culture,… and how their homecoming show in Stockholm was one of the biggest highlights for Björn personally.

When talking about the ‘Foregone‘ album, we touch on Björn’s perspective on the comments of many people that “In Flames is back” and how it’s interesting that for a lot of fans their new music seems reminiscent of different moments of their discography. We discuss extensively the fact that their music always has been sort of the same, that this time the mix and production simply sounds more metal and guitar-driven than it did on the last few albums and that at shows you almost couldn’t pick out the newer songs among the older songs. Björn also discusses how he processes his ideas for writing new material and that he has to separate touring and writing music, it can only be one or the other he focuses on at a time.

Lastly, we have an fascinating chat about how Björn is really excited about being able to combine their music with other forms of art like the graphic novel that is coming out later this year. As somewhat of a geek or nerd himself, he finds it amazing to be able to offer an all immersive experience where you can completely lose yourself in this world by reading a comic or story while having their music on as sort of the soundtrack that completes the experience.

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