MORS SUBITA, ex-WOLFHEART and ‘HEAVY TRIP’ guitarist/composer introduces project OBLIGATORY HUMAN DESTRUCTION

MORS SUBITA & ex-WOLFHEART and HEAVY TRIP (Movie) guitarist/composer, Mika Lammassaari introduces his new brainchild: OBLIGATORY HUMAN DESTRUCTION.

OBLIGATORY HUMAN DESTRUCTION was born out of the need to freely produce heavier music. I had long dreamed of such a project where all the limiting elements of music, excluding my own shortcomings as a musician and a human, would have been eliminated. The main purpose of this project is to offer an outlet for my heavier compositions and quite frankly to work as a therapy session for myself. What comes to the music, I have performed, recorded and produced everything myself. Mixing, mastering and post-production was done by Stefan Pommerin (Illusia Productions) the cover art by Juuso Laatio & Petteri Stavén (Mutant Koala Pictures) and the promotional photos by Juho Näppä. Without the help of these great people, this project would never have been completed.”

For a first sample of the upcoming album “Cancer“, check out the lyric video:

The self-titled album is due to be released later this year:

  1. Despicable
  2. Cancer
  3. Holy Man
  4. Whirlmind
  5. Martyr
  6. Servant of Violence
  7. Forlorn
  8. Attention Whore
  9. We Are Extinct
  10. Scorn Son

More Obligatory Human Destruction:

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