Oceanhoarse vocalist Tommy Tuovinen forced to leave the band due to hearing loss


Helsinki-based heavy metal quartet Oceanhoarse has regretfully announced that Tommy Tuovinen will not be able to continue as the singer of the band due to hearing loss.

Tuovinen explains:

”I got my ears checked recently, and the results showed dramatic decrease in hearing. I was basically told by the doctor that I couldn’t keep exposing myself to the kind of volume that being in an active band requires – especially one such as Oceanhoarse that is working five days a week and plans on touring for months on end for years to come. This is shattering news, but I must take it seriously. I will probably do occasional studio work and maybe some one-off shows here and there in the future, but unfortunately it looks like my active career in music is done.”

Guitarist Ben Varon says:

”We were all shocked when Tommy told us the news. We had just gotten off to such a great start with each single doing better than the last one; we had songs on Wreckfest game soundtrack, great shows opening for big bands, festival slots… Not to mention negotiations with record labels and plans for our first bit of touring abroad, all of which will now be put on hold. It’s back to square one for us, basically.

But all that aside, the worst part is of course that Tommy has to involuntarily step down from doing the one thing he loves. In losing Tommy‘s amazing voice and charisma we’re losing one fourth of what makes Oceanhoarse what it is. Still, health comes first, and we know that there is no other option but to start thinking about a future without him in the band.”

Bassist Jyri Helko:

Oceanhoarse is thus announcing a search for a new singer! If you can sing, know how to work a crowd, prioritize music over everything else and are willing to give 120% of yourself to this band, you might be the one we’re looking for.”

Drummer Oskari continues:

”We’re not looking for a Tommy clone: you don’t need to sound like him to land the job. What we’re looking for first and foremost is character: a strong frontman (or frontwoman) with their own identity, someone who’ll bring their own flavor to the band. So if you think you have what it takes to sing in a highly driven, hardworking band with its sights on world domination, don’t hesitate to contact us. Drop us an email to and we’ll get back to you. The journey is only about to begin!”

Tommy concludes:

”Of course Oceanhoarse will go on, that’s a no-brainer. Ben, Jyri and Oskari are far too good a trio not to be playing together. Their chemistry is unlike I’ve ever seen or heard in a band. Oceanhoarse will go on to do great things, I’m sure of it!”

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