The Exploding Eyes Orchestra set release date for new Svart album and reveal first track


The saga of The Exploding Eyes Orchestra began with part I in 2015 and closes with the second part II, due out on October 5th via Svart Records.

What begun as a sidetrack or a therapy group from Jess and the Ancient Ones while the band were going through a turbulent, inactive period has since then morphed back into the mothership. The Exploding Eyes Orchestra were guitarist Thomas Corpse‘s vessel for his creative endeavors while the main band laid dormant. The Exploding Eyes Orchestra represented a more earthy approach to psychedelic rock music, towards which Jess and the Ancient Ones then steered as well, and eventually found themselves with the exact same lineup.

Thomas Corpse says:

“I wrote all kinds of material at home and came up with the idea to ask my fellow bandmates to join me for a session. We then went to the studio and laid down 14 tracks, half of which was released on part I in 2015 and the rest sees the light of day now as the closing chapter is coming out. The music on this album is a bit all over the place, just like we were at the time, but in a way, it manages to sound like a well thought-out album.”

With the resurgence of Jess and the Ancient OnesThe Exploding Eyes Orchestra has served its purpose and will be laid to rest with this album as its epitaph.

In the meantime, hear the new track “Harmain” and its hypnotic video here:

Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for The Exploding Eyes Orchestra’s II
1. Those of Us Left
2. Belladonna
3. Harmain
4. The Things You Do
5. The Birch and The Sparrow
6. Go Go Johnny Do
7. Love Eternal