News Posts

German Verheerer is back with their sophomore album, already at the beginning of next month!

International Satanist black metal outfit Asagraum announces new album!

This Gift Is A Curse shows that black metal isn’t a stagnant music genre with their new tracks!

Belgian black metal outfit Kludde is gearing up to unleash another release of their musical art upon the world!

Funeral Storm will present us with another classic piece of Hellenic black metal!

Finnish symphonic black metal master Vargrav is already returning with a second album!

Employed To Serve releases a first single of their upcoming album, dedicated to bringing up the “Harsh Truth” about mental issues and suicide.

Norwegian black metal legend Abbath announced a new upcoming album!

Bloodred Hourglass are back to take on the world with their upcoming new release “Godsend” and prove that they’re the new standard for modern melodic death metal!