Kludde announces new album: ‘In de Kwelm’, to be released by Consouling Sounds on the 24th of May!


Consouling Sounds is excited to announce that they’ll be releasing the new full-length album by Kludde , ‘In de kwelm’, on the 24th of May! Kludde was formed in 2001 as a black-metal studio project strongly inspired by the second wave of black metal bands. Throughout the years, they denied all genre conventions which translates in a very diverse album. It’s not a continuous concept album, but instead tells several little stories.

  1. Schabouwelijke Praktijken I: De Rabouwen
  2. Kludde IV
  3. Bloedkoesj
  4. Schramoeille
  5. Kasteelke van Verdoemenis
  6. Poesjkapelle
  7. Schabouwelijke Praktijken II: De Commercant
  8. De Laatste Reis

A demo was released in 2002 ‘Langs Scheld en Denderland‘, and a split-cd with Wanhoop, ‘De Verdoken Waarheid‘ came out in 2004. After the arrival of Cerulean and Basstaerd, a full length album ‘In Den Vergetelheid‘ (2007) was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kris Belaen at CCR Studio. Many concerts were taking place at that time, together with bands like Shining, My Dying Bride, Amon Amarth, Forgotten Tomb and many more.

Occupied by other projects and activities Kludde was buried alive by the end of 2009… And resurrected back in 2014. Founding member Ugluk decided to leave the band in 2015. New songs were written and rewritten, new band members were placed and replaced until a strong line-up was formed again.

The year 2018, is the year where all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Together with the newly formed concrete solid line up, the new songs were finalized and recorded. The long anticipated new full length is forged into its final shape. ‘In de Kwelm‘ is the result of hard work, perseverance and never giving up. Recorded & mixed by Cerulean in 2018 and mastered by Frederik Dejong at Jerboa mastering, it feels like a throwback to the rawer early days, combined with the more nature songwriting of its predecessor. ‘In de Kwelm‘ is without any doubt the most straightforward and aggressive album Kludde has made so far and shows a band that is more than ready to spit out its black metal filth upon humanity.

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