When Plagues Collide released new single 'Monopoly of Violence'


Belgian Symphonic Deathcore band WHEN PLAGUES COLLIDE released another single “Monopoly of Violence” and announce new album “An Unbiblical Paradigm” to be released on April 6th, 2023!

“The immoral, the selfish and decadent.. In a world of Kardashians, be a Robin Hood and bring ’em the blackest of realms. Bring ’em Hell.” – WHEN PLAGUES COLLIDE

Watch the lyric video for “Monopoly of Violence”, published via SLAM WORLDWIDE, here:

An Unbiblical Paradigm tracklist:

1. Converted into Cipher
2. Death In Progress (ft. Sven from Aborted, Coffin Feeder & Fetal Blood Eagle)
3. God Complex
4. The Glutton
5. Monopoly of Violence
6. The Grand Mouth Of Hell
7. Devourer Of Memories
8. In Alle Stilte

Hailing from Zaventem, Belgium, WHEN PLAGUES COLLIDE play a deathcore style heavily influenced by melodic death metal, symphonic black metal and metalcore. The riffing is heavy, the drumming is very fast-paced and the vocals shift from deep death growls to high-pitched screams, with occasional pig squeals. So far WHEN PLAGUES COLLIDE released their debut EP “Shrine Of Hatred” (2017) and the album “Tutor Of The Dying” (2018). Their second album will be released in spring 2023 via Necktwister Agency.

18/05/2023 Herrie, Alkmaar, Belgium
18-20/08/2023 Death Coffee Party, Litomerice, Czech Republic

Wouter Dergez – Gesang
Santy Van Der Mieren – Gitarre
Joris Dergez – Gitarre
Joshua Kinsbergen – Bass
Siebe Hermans – Schlagzeug

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