Mothica shares new video/single 'Toxins'

MOTHICA has new track “Toxins”, taken from the visual album, “KISSING DEATH”, released through her own imprint Heavy Heart Records partnering with Rise Records is to be released 23rd August 2024.

“Toxins is the first song that made the record, since I originally wrote it for a Halloween release in 2022. I loved the image of a spider singing to its freshly caught prey. It took on a new meaning with the grim reaper as this stalker or dark shadow that followed me around, even when I made strides to get better like going to therapy or getting sober. The analogue synths David Burris put in the chorus definitely inspired the sound of the record, taking influence from the darkwave genre” says Mothica.

Death is an uncomfortable topic that most people avoid thinking about, but MOTHICA decides to dance with it on the forthcoming album. Vulnerably, she laments her personal battles with depression, addiction, and suicidal ideation, processing her pain with lush soundscapes underpinned by funereal keys, heart-thumping hard rock guitars, and disarmingly catchy moments of pop catharsis.

After amassing hundreds of millions of streams and earning acclaim from the likes of Billboard, MTV, Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, Alt Press, and more, she dives deeper into her powerful story with her third album, “KISSING DEATH”.

“KISSING DEATH” is a visual album that tells an immersive story across 12 tracks and their accompanying music videos which weave into each other.

“I decided to make Death a love interest in a dark rom-com-style tale” she notes. “Throughout the visuals, I’m seen in a therapist’s office explaining this complicated relationship as if describing a scorned lover. The music videos will be like ‘flashbacks’ of what I’m telling my therapist. On the first single “DOOMED,” we go back in time to an angsty teenage version of me. This is my first brush with the Grim Reaper and I doodle pictures of him in my diary surrounded by hearts. Flash forward, I’m shown performing at a dive bar, clubbing, engulfed in self-destruction. He stalks me, and eventually even proposes marriage, and I leave him at the altar and run away. It ends with me and Death in couples therapy. I wanted the music to feel cinematic, like the soundtrack of a movie”

MOTHICA has announced a UK and European tour for September 2024. Tickets on sale now- HERE

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