Evil Invaders (Elmun Baari, FI)

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If you want speed and a nuclear assault with your drink, I’d advice you to go check out the Belgian speed/thrash metal band Evil Invaders out. They play music at an often blistering speed with a clear love for the eighties. They’ve been getting good comments on their 2 full-lengths (for our review of their latest go here) and touring a bit all over. When I noticed that they were heading in the direction of Eastern Europe on their “Feed Me Violence” tour and included Finland on that little tour (most Fins will cringe a bit though when seeing their country under the banner “Eastern Europe”, but that’s a detail I guess), I just had to travel down to the capital city. A Belgian covering the first headline show of a Belgian band in THE metal country of the world, it felt like fate… So there I was: Elmun Baari in Helsinki was the place to be, the small downstairs bar of the legendary Nosturi venue, support came from Maniac Abductor and Ceaseless Torment and here are the shots of what took place…

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