Goodbye June + Scarlet Rebels (Strom, Munich, Germany) -13.07.2022

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The passage of the American Goodbye June in Munich happened in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday and it is always risky to predict the affluence of the public, in this case, the Strom club in Munich managed to fill up to watch a night of rock n roll in its pure state. The average age in the room is guaranteed to be around 40 which shows that this is not a show for “kids”!

Scarlet Rebels act as the opening band for the current headliner, they are a classic melodic rock n roll band from a small town in Wales and proudly announce their achievements in the UK charts. With two albums out, the band managed to convince and entertain the audience, showing their music with great quality and maturity on stage. They also had time to send political messages related to the current situation of the UK Prime Minister.

After a nice warm up, the band from Nashville came on stage, I confess that I didn’t know them until recently, but as soon as I heard their songs my memory took me to compare them with classic bands like AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, which is good! The band exists since 2009 and in this tour they will present their latest work, released this year, called “See Where The Night Goes”. When we see these youngsters live, we go back to the time when the stages were almost naked, without many props that could distract our senses. The show is raw and we are absorbed by the genuine rock spirit, where organic instruments are played and there is an artistic express emergency after this obligatory stop because of the pandemic. Goodbye June is a band that deserves to be heard by many people, to have success and to be experienced live, on stage the Americans show that they were made to play for the people, and if on record they are good, live they are excellent in everything they do.

In short, it was a great night of rock at the Strom in Munich and who missed it was only those who were not present!

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