Grave Digger ‘Knights & Riots Tour 2023’ (LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany) – 17/01/2023

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German veterans of Heavy Metal Grave Digger are back on tour in 2023. After being postponed twice, the ‘Knights and Riots Tour 2023’ finally made it to the streets and is running. To warm up the crowds are Cellar Stone from Greece and Mystic Prophecy, another experienced German metal outfit. Mid of January 2023 this combination made a stop at LKA Longhorn – which I have to say with a very sad and heavy heart – was only filled with a few hundred people. This was really a shame for the show presented. Especially when considering that Grave Digger are rocking stages worldwide for more than 40 years and had a phenomenal gig in Wacken 2022 on the big stage.

Yes – all of you who had doubts have missed a night of the finest metal. All the bands fit perfectly together, rocked the house down or to say it in Grave Digger‘s words: they created a ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ and delivered a great show.

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