Leprous “Aphelion European Tour 2023” (Le Splendid, Lille) – 14/02/2023

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Einar (Leprous vocalist) was sick. He didn’t feel well at all and his gut voice didn’t work at all, only the high voice worked, but… isn’t that what Leprous is all about? So the concert just had to go on! Actually, we didn’t notice anything of it all the time, and at the end, despite everything, even a growl came off in the song ‘Nighttime Disguise’…. Probably the painkillers totally kicked in by then.

Even more damage on the counter: the vocalist of Monuments had been a little too boisterous and knocked out his tooth with his microphone. (Visible in the photo where he is on his knees in front of the plexiglass step at the front of the stage: the white dot on it is his tooth!) According to his own words, this was already the sixth time this happened to him.

During the supporting act Kalandra nothing distructive happened. However, I must quickly add that they (the other bands too, of course) delivered a great performance!

Setlist Leprous:

Have You Ever – The Price – Bonneville – Observe the Train – On Hold – Castaway Angels – I Lose Hope – Alleviate – Out of Here – Distant Bells – The Cloak – Below – Nighttime Disguise


The Sky is Red

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