Katatonia/Sólstafir co-headline tour (Trix, Antwerp) – 18/02/2023

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Katatonia and Solstafir (co-headline) touring Europe and the UK, accompanied by the American band SOM. A stop in Antwerp allows us to be there too to report the show and take some pictures for you to look back to or to get an idea of what you have missed: a beautiful evening of doom, post-metal with that kind of charisma and atmosphere that takes you with them on their musical journey.

Setlist Katatonia:

Austerity, Colossal Shade, Lethean, Deliberation, Birds, Behind the Blood, Forsaker, Opaline, Buildings, My Twin, Atrium, Old Heart Falls, Untrodden

Encore: July, Evidence

Setlist Sólstafir:

Náttmál, Köld, Melrakkablús, Bloodsoaked Velvet, Rökkur, Fjara, Ótta, Godess of the Ages


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