MaYaN 10th Anniversary show (Effenaar Eindhoven, NL) – 08/09/2022

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Recently we were able to attend to the 10th anniversary show of the dutch symphonic death metal super band MaYaN in Effenaar Eindhoven. As it should be, a very special occasion has to be celebrated in a very special way, so they had invited no less than 5 guests! All together they played an extra long show (>2 hours!) Well worth mentioning were the interludes on acoustic instruments such as guitar, cello and the double bass.

The photo pit was a no go zone for our own safetysince there was a lot of pyro during the show. It was accessible however during the support act that was filled in by none other than the Belgian Off The Cross!

Special guests were:

  • Jack Driessen: Co-founder and ex-keyboardist of MaYaN
  • Rob van der Loo: ex-bass player for MaYaN (also works for Epica and Delain)
  • Arjan Rijnen: guitar
  • Elianne Anemaat: Cello (plays cello in Celestial Season)
  • Joost van den Broek: Keyboard (Producer and sound mixer for a.o. Epica, Ayreon, Powerwolf)


Symphony of aggression – Burn your witches – Tornado of thoughts – Saints don’t die – War on terror – Drown the demon – The power process – Dhyana – The rythm of freedom – Paladins of  deceit – Stabat Mater – Hate me as I am – Devil in disguise – Faceless Spies – Insano – The flaming rage of God – Rebirth from despair – Sinner’s last retreat – Human sacrifice – Bite the bullet.

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