GBH ”City Baby Attacked By Rats 40 years anniversary show” (On The Rocks, Helsinki) 10/09/2022

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Punk rock fans all over were spoiled on a Saturday early September when the absolute legends of hardcore punk ”Charged” GBH turned On The Rocks in Helsinki into a complete chaos of old school punks and new school punks dancing and partying like there’s no tomorrow. Crowd was very split between old school punks in their 50’s and new school of punks and other weirdos whom you can find at a punk show. The house was complete packed before GBH started so it was very clear who people came to see.

Taking nothing away from the opening act of the evening Likaiset Pikkarit who gave a cheerful, glittery poprock show which people moderately enjoyed during probably their second beer.

Second last act was Broken Trend who brought their very modern metal sound to confused punks. Their live performance was great but I am questioning were they the right choice to play before hardcore punk legends.

After the openers, people started slamming in through the doors and the atmosphere started to be already very sweaty and smelly. Like a good ol’ punk show, people were drunk of their asses, and when GBH started their show, everyone collectively lost their minds. Beers were flying, people were dancing and stage diving and there was a clear danger in the air which in my mind should be at punk shows. GBH truly delivered one of the best punk shows I’ve seen in a while by playing their legendary ‘City Baby Attacked By Rats’ album in its entirety. Capping of the night GBH played a fantastic cover of Motörhead‘s ‘Bomber’ which gave a perfect end to a fun night.

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