Metal Crane 2018 (Nosturi, Helsinki)

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For the first time this year, the 2-day indoor festival “Metal Crane” was organised at Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland. Not too far fetched of a name for the festival, since the name of the venue is literally Finnish for “crane”, so under the “metal crane” a bunch of quality metal bands gathered to blow off the roof with the crowds of metalheads marching down to the harbor for some good music. The first day had already an impressive line-up of bands with the Finnish bands KalmahCatameniaBrymir and Among the Prey, but sadly I had to make the choice to only go one of the 2 days. Since the second day had as the headliner the one and only non-Finnish band Harakiri For The Sky that has been gaining a lot of popularity the past few years with their post-black music and intense shows. Throw on top of that 3 more quality Finnish bands with WhisperedBloodred Hourglass and The Hypothesis and we were sold! Take a look here at the pics we took that night…

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For our report of the evening go here.