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Pictures of the French "end of the summer" underground music festival Fall of Summer 2017!
05/01/2018   /   By :
Lacuna Coil brought Cellar Darling and a bit of Christmas spirit to Belgium and we were there taking pics!
23/12/2017   /   By :
Solstáfir and Myrkur played a nearly sold out VK in Brussels last weekend this was our visual impression of the night.
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Pentagram on Roadkill 2017
For years and years I go to the Roadkill Festival in Waarschoot, BE. After all these years this festival became a gathering of friends in the wide area of Waarschoot. Not only the numerous friends there make it noteworthy, also the organizers manage to get hell of a line-up! This edition is no exception to this habit: They managed to get Pentagram, Thunder Mother, Acid King and Raketkanon. Also bands like Eyes on the Machine, Huracán, Hedonist and Fire Down Below entered the stage!
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The MTV Headbanger's Ball is always a very good show, and this year was no different. If you want to see our photo impression, this is it!
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Stone Sour rocked the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, want a recap? Look no further!
30/11/2017   /   By :
The pictures of the mesmerizing journey two bands took us on with their all enveloping soundscape filled with beauty and raw harshness.
29/11/2017   /   By :
The little Winter brother of the impressive Steelfest Open Air took place for the first time and we were there to get the pure hatred and evil immortalized on pictures!
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Zero Hour is upon us, find out what it looked like!
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A thrash metal night to remember... and even if you have a hard time remembering, here are some pics of the Death Angel, Annihilator and Testament shows to give you some help!