The Hickey Underworld (Great Gigs in the Park, Sint-Niklaas) – 15.06.2023

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De Casino in Sint-Niklaas organizes Great Gigs in the Park, three weeks with all kinds of music in an idyllic park setting. For all those who were missing out on the first day of Graspop Metal Meeting this Thursday was dedicated to the raw sound of guitars and alternative music.

If there is a need for more energy, the singer of Penus can help you out. Five seconds in, and he is already dancing on the fences of the kiosk. Penus makes great space rock/psych punk, sucking you in and making time fly by.

Something absolutely different is the poetry reading of Johan Sebastiaan Stuer. No music, just humor, insights, and beauty.

With the setting sun, the boys of The Hickey Underworld prove they are back after a break of eight years. They certainly haven’t lost their vibe of quirky alternative rock and are ready to become a great band once again.

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