PREMIERE: Forest hunters Trold unleash the new single and video ‘Sensommerbålet’!

Always on the move, forest hunters TROLD are now ready to release the first single from their upcoming debut album. “Sensommerbålet” is the song, and it’s a love story about a beauty that captivates both a troll and a man. 

Both of them want her, but who will get her?”, the band maliciously asks. The story takes place on a late summer night in the woods around the glow of a bonfire and lets Trold’s folkish metal meet heavy rock featuring guest appearances by René Pedersen (from the mighty Mercenary) on vocals.

Trold plays folk metal with a mischievous smile, which is guaranteed to kick off the party from inside the large, dark Danish forests. The storytelling and melodies are in focus when playing with different instruments and heavy guitar rhythms to create the perfect atmosphere. The stories grow, hiss, and are sung, while the listeners/audience are taken on a host of adventures.

Trold has its roots well planted in the Nordic soil where inspiration is found from a wealth of fairy tales and mythologies. Giants, Gods, the animals of the forest, and the marvelous world of the sea are just some of the places Trold takes the listeners.

When the trolls are on stage, you can be sure that the party will start and the good mood will be kicked off.

Trold debut album is due in 2023 via Mighty Music.

Astór Palsson (Dawn of Demise) – vocals
Jesper Myrup (Kurgan) – guitar
Christian Christiansen (Sylvatica) – guitar
Allan Madsen (Prevail) – bass
Peter Rafaelsen – keys

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