Steel Panther

Steel Panther “Sunset Strip Live” (De Mast, Torhout)

On 16 Februari, Steel Panther brought their “Sunset Strip LIVE” show to Belgium for a night of good old glam & metal partying.
DJ Matt Stocks & Gus G warmed up the crowd before the Panther broke loose with a mix of classic heavy & glam hits and their own sex, drugs & retro infused brand of heavy metal. We were in for a good night! Don’t take my word for it though, go read our full review.

Lorin Renodeyn

Photographer, Faerûnian adventurer and allround music enthusiast that doesn't stick to one style. Also immune to being blown away by but enthusiastic for overwhelming style combinations. Visits (pagan)folk, metal and industrial/ebm events.

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