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Amor Fati Productions in conspiracy with Extraconscious Records, announces March 20th to be the international release date for international atmospheric black metal Acathexis’ highly anticipated second album ‘Immerse’ and share the first track ‘The Other’ as a little early taste!

Belgian hadopelagic black metal outfit Lhaäd is set to take you to the deepest depths of the ocean with upcoming album ‘Beneath’ set for release in March via Amor Fati Productions in conspiracy with Extraconscious Records!

Brand-new Belgian black metal entity Herzog announced their debut album ‘Furnace’ to be released in November via Amor Fati Productions, and shared a first track with ‘Melted Tesseract’!

Belgium’s pagan black metal project Oerheks have set the release date for their new demo ‘Valkengebed’ on October 28, via Amor Fati Productions for the vinyl and Babylon Doom Cult for the tape version!

Flemish black metal project Oerheks set release date for new demo ‘Landschapsanachronismen’, out via Amor Fati Productions next month!

Album Reviews

The debut full-length album of Secrets, “Towards the Nightside”, captures the Norwegian black metal majesty in an unforgettable performance, the album comes highly recommended for fans of Emperor, Odium, and Limbonic Art. It is a fantastic album finely crafted by members of Gardsghastr, Chaos Moon and Ars Hmu, and offers a masterpiece of symphonic black metal, out now on Amor Fati Productions since January 23rd.

In similar ways to the Scandinavian black metal music, the multi-instrumentalist Alex Poole has managed to strengthen the songs with uncompromising aggression. The new songs emphasize an oppressive atmosphere, and the sophomore “Totenpass” differs from the debut on many levels bringing an immense scale of ferocity. Out today via Amor Fati Productions.

Ars Hmu’s debut full length “Empire of Impurity” is as grim and cold as the Norwegian and Swedish black metal counterparts that falls between the atmospheric and the symphonic form of black metal.

Arkhtinn on the sophomore “二度目の災害” convey the kind of haunting wonderment that evokes the eerie sounds of atmospheric/symphonic black metal.

‘Thrall of Winter’s Majesty’ is uniquely composed with the nostalgic and dreamlike melodies of the past.