Belgian black metal project Oerheks set release date for new demo

Amor Fati Productions announced February 22nd as the international release date for  the second demo from OerheksLandschapsanachronismen, on 12″ vinyl format.

It was but the late summer of 2022 when Oerheks made its public debut with Cagghenvinna, released on vinyl by Amor Fati. At the time of the demo’s release, Oerheks was a shadow-shrouded newcomer who concurrently made its debut alongside kindred spirits Aerdryk. Yet, despite this seeming newness, Cagghenvinna exhibited a truly ancient spirit: black metal from the deep heart of the Flemish Hageland, recalling stories as olde as the woods it spiritually roamed.

Now, emerging with the two-song/25-minute demo Landschapsanachronismen, Oerheks is revealed as the latest work of the prolific Hans Cools, renowned for labelmates Silver Knife as well as Hypothermia among many others. Remarkably, this epic short-length sees Cools exhibiting a raw desperation and urgency that’s blanching to behold. Yes, the black metal is still ancient as ever – arguably more so, in fact, firmly situating itself among the pagan touchstones of the mid ’90s – but what Oerheks imparts across Landschapsanachronismen is roiling melancholy merging with understated triumph. Both 12-minute tracks are as massive and majestic as the other, and the record’s flat-yet-full soundscape seems perfectly suited to these misty ruminations. Most remarkable of all, perhaps, is that this demo sounds even older and newer than its not-inconsiderable predecessor: truly, a timeless path well worth embarking upon. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Oerheks’ Landschapsanachronismen

1. Een Eenzaat in het Landschap [12:35]
2. Een Oude Wijsheid werd hier Geveld [12:15]

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