Dive into despair and depression with the video for Arsenic Addiction’s “Tomb of Sleep”

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In 2019, Utah’s Arsenic Addiction released their third album XIX, they are now releasing a video for the single “Tomb of Sleep”. To put it bluntly, the song is about suicide ideation, apathy, depression, and the inner battle that these things cause and wanting to give in to what seems like relief, but finding yourself conflicted “between two worlds”. The band put it forth as a single because not only does it represent the album well, but ties together their old material and what is to come. They explain the track:

“We wanted the viewer to experience what these emotions can feel like. Deep in the woods, death following you, in purgatory, blinded. The weight of these emotions can make you feel like you’re being buried alive, bled dry, and ultimately hopeless. Everyone knows what a battle with mental illness can look like but not everyone knows what it feels like. We hope this video provides a small window into that world and what it feels like to struggle within when you’re already dead but somehow still breathing.”

The album “XIX” is the story of an outsider, relatable to those who dare to be different, strange, or unusual and are made out to be monsters, demons, or witches because of it. It’s the journey of the human soul from a feminine perspective experiencing love, hate, finding inner power, and making deals with the devil to conquer those who would stand in the way of that power. “Tomb of Sleep” is meant to feel aggressive, dark, and a look inside her feelings of hopelessness and loss.

Gothic in sound, Arsenic Addiction‘s music is melodic and both beautiful and sorrowful. It is recommended for fans of In This Moment, Arch Enemy and Myrkur.

XIX” was released on September 23, 2019.

Arsenic Addiction‘s “XIX” is available on Arsenicaddiction.bandcamp.com, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.

Music Videos:
Fire – YouTube
Maleficium – YouTube
Moon & Sun – YouTube

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