Danish Black Metal act HELGE shares brand new music video!


March 4th will see the release of Neuroplasticity, the debut album by Danish Black Metal act HELGE. Coming your way through the hands of Vendetta Records and featuring ten tracks, HELGE have created a bleak and sorrowful universe, taking the listener on an emotional journey through the dark abysses of the human inner. In support of their upcoming album, the band has released a brand new video clip for the track “Depressive Waters”.

Helge Nørbygaard comments:

When your head is spinning and thoughts so dark becomes your reality. Trying to release the pain and the skin becomes red. So far away from the heart, nothing but hate and despair. Then it’s all about how much you listen to your own heart, either you rise up or become history.

01. Disavow
02. Dying To Become…
03. Cordyceps
05. The Calling: Wakan Tanka
06. Depressive Waters
07. With The Attention Of A Million
08. Lack Of Serotonin
09. Venomous Breath
10. Satori

Founded by Helge Nørbygaard, who is also the main songwriter of the band, Neuroplasticity is a true testament to his inner demons. Going through tough times like addiction, depression and stress, he made music his teacher and therapist, and from the day he heard Black Metal for the first time, back in 1995, he knew that someday he would write music just like that. Neuroplasticity is a journey, facing his demons and conquering them, getting closer to the core of what he truly is. Together with well experienced musicians from acts like Autumn Leaves, Inbreeding Rednecks, Funeral Chasm & Cor Vacante, HELGE are by far no strangers to the scene and with Neuroplasticity the band delivers an unforgettable debut, which is sure to obliterate fans of blackened sounds everywhere.

Neuroplasticity will be released on March 4th and is available for pre-order via Vendetta Records or Bandcamp

Helge are:
Danny Woe – Vocals
Torsten Madsen – Vocals
Christoffer Djurhuus – Drums
Balder Smed – Guitar
Henrik Jørgensen – Bass
Helge Nørbygaard – Guitar

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