Every year and every month there is loads of rock, industrial and metal that is getting released. Just in case you’d be missing a good one, we’ll be trying to keep you on track by selecting a bunch of releases to remind you of every month! Warning: the dates of release might change still, so if the album doesn’t get released that day after all… don’t shoot the messenger!

April 1st

Bloodrocuted For The Dead Travel Fast Thrash Metal Punishment 18 Records

April 7nd

Ulver The Assassination of Julias Caesar Ambient/Avant-Garde House of Mythology
Deep Purple Infinite Rock earMUSIC
Royal Thunder
WICK Hard Rock Relapse Records
Demon Head Thunder On The Fields Doom Metal/Hard Rock The Sign Records
Possession Exorkizein Black/Death Metal Invictus Productions
Azarath In Extremis Death/Black Metal Agonia Records
Empusae ft CHVE Lueur Ambient/Doom/Dark Electronica Consouling Sounds
Comaniac Instruction for Destruction Thrash Metal SAOL
NervoChaos Nyctophilia Extreme Metal Greyhaze Records
My Own Ghost Life On Standby Rock Secret Entertainment
Supergenius Supertired Alternative/Indie/Punk Hypertension Records/9000 Records
Dead By April Worlds Collide Metalcore Spinefarm Records

April 13th

Oranssi Pazuzu Farmakologinen EP Psychedelic Black Metal Svart Records
Funeral Tears Beyond the Horizon Funeral Doom Metal Cimmerian Shade Records

April 14th

Nightbringer Terra Damnata Black Metal Season of Mist
Novembers Doom Hamartia Death/Doom Metal The End Records
Satanic Slavery
Death/Black Metal Season of Mist
Varg Götterdämmerung EP
Melodic Death/Black Metal Napalm Records
Tygers Of Pan Tang
Never Give In EP
NWOBHM Mighty Music
Shores Of Null Black Drapes for Tomorrow Doom Metal Candlelight/Spinefarm Records


April 21st

Blood of Angels Rise of the Fallen Gods Melodic Death Metal Hollywood Collective
Les Discrets Prédateurs Shoegaze/Post-Rock Prophecy Productions
Ghost Bath
Depressive/Post-Black Metal Northern Silence Productions
Ancient Ascendant Raise The Torch Doom Metal Candlelight/Spinefarm Records
Coltsblood Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness Death/Doom Metal Candlelight/Spinefarm Records

April 22nd

Waldkauz Mythos Pagan Folk Fuego Records

April 26th

Return To Void Return To Void Progressive Metal/Rock Inverse Records

April 28th

Life of Agony A Place Where There’s No More Pain Alternative Metal/Rock Napalm Records
Barathrum Fanatiko Black/Doom Metal Saturnal Records
Forward Into The Past
Folk Metal Listenable Records
Ayreon The Source
Progressive Metal/Rock Music Theories Recordings
In the Eyes of Ioldánach
Black/Thrash Metal Candlelight Records
All That Remains Madness Metalcore Razor & Tie
New Found Glory Makes Me Sick Rock Hopeless Records
Ides of Gemini Women Atmospheric Rock Neurot Recordings
Astral Doors
Black Eyed Children Hard Rock/Metal Metalville
Wolfpakk Wolves Reign Hard Rock/Melodic Metal AFM Records