SteelChaos line-up revealed!

Yesterday SteelChaos revealed all of their 14 names in the line-up of this year's edition. One of the bands demanded all the bands to be released at once so we got a great hour of reveals with highly impressive and often exclusive artists. We didn't expect anything less for the little brother of Steelfest Open Air (for our report of that event go here)!

There are some definite eye-catchers in the gathering of underground artists. First and foremost there's Master's Hammer, who is playing their first show in 25 years at Brutal Assault this weekend. The venue will also be ripped to pieces by the always impressive Nifelheim, bringing their full stage production exclusively to SteelChaos. A few more exclusives are Heretic, playing an old school set, and the Ride For RevengeBizarre Uproar collaboration set. And those are just a few of the strong line-up...

The day schedule is as followed:

The event will take place at Nosturi in Helsinki and has a limited capacity. Tickets are sold right now here, for now there are 400 1-day tickets and 500 2-day tickets available. So be fast is the message...


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