Album Reviews

Sorcerer returns with an epic dark album on its fourth installment “Reign of the Reaper” and brings an absolutely great slab of late 80s and early 90s heavy metal out since yesterday via Metal Blade Records.

Smoulder’s sophomore record ‘Violent Creed of Vengeance’ continues the epic quest of this Canadian-Finnish fellowship through the realm of epic heavy metal doom. Out via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Forget about Excalibur, forget about the Sword of Power. These are kitchen knives compared to the ‘Might and Power’ of Megaton Sword. The Swiss collective’s second full length after the ‘Niralet’ EP and their much applauded debut ‘Blood Hails Steel, Steel Hails Fire’. Released via Dying Victims Productions on February 24.

Canadian heavy doom hitters Cauchemar make your fantasy dreams come true on their third offering ‘Rosa Mystica’. Out on Temple of Mystery Records.

Made out of part Eternal Champion and part former Magic Circle comes Sumerlands’ sophomore on Relapse Records ‘Dreamkiller’ which sees these heavy metal warriors take on a more AOR oriented approach. So strap yourself into the Delorean, fire up the flux capacitor and head for the Sumerlands. They don’t have roads there.

“At One with None” is an epic heavy metal album, masterfully achieved by the clear refinement in the songwriting.

NWOBHM from Latin America in 2021? Lucifer’s Hammer proves that it can work with their third album ‘The Trip’, out on High Roller Records.

From times before the great heavy metal cataclysm of the grunged nineties Blazon Rite leads us into the ‘Endless Halls of Golden Totem’.

One of the releases you might have missed last year is this nice little gem from the swordsmen and warrior princess of Smoulder; Dream Quest Ends.

“Ravening Iron” is more than an embodiment of 80s heavy metal. The band has conveyed surreal art that draws life from the ancient mythologies of magic and dragons.