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Finland’s Hexvessel is releasing their brand-new, sixth album ‘Polar Veil’ next month via Svart Records and unveiled another single with ‘A Cabin In Montana’, a love letter to nature!

Hexvessel’s 2nd single ‘Ring’ from the upcoming album ‘Polar Veil’, set for release in September via Svart Records, harks back to Mat “Kvohst” McNerney’s past in black metal bands with an eerie and mesmerizing soundscape!

Hexvessel announced their upcoming black metal album ‘Polar Vein’ to be released via Svart Records in September, bringing their signature psychedelic folk sound in a new jacket.

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Finnish post-punk revivalists Grave Pleasures have released their new record ‘Plagueboys’ with Century Media Records a couple of weeks ago. A celebration of bleak early goth as if it were a lost record from the eighties, while still being remarkably upbeat and danceable.