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Finnish power metal band Metal De Facto is ready to once again revive the grandeur of power metal with their second full-length ‘Land Of The Rising Sun Part 1’, to be released via Rockshots Records next month and share the single ‘Rise Amaterasu’!

Helsinki based heavy metal/hard rock outfit shared the first track ‘Road Goes On’ from their upcoming Rockshots Records debut ‘Unchained’!

Tuska Open Air is reassuring their fans that for now everything is going according to plan with the addition of 12 more bands to the line-up!

Finnish Metal de Facto intends to make power metal great again and today they show you how they’ll do that!


We sat down with Esa from Metal De Facto to talk about how things have been going for the band since their first album, their new album ‘Land of the Rising Sun part 1’ (out since today via Rockshots Records), why they went for the Japanese culture as the theme and their hopes and plans for the future of the band!

They’re playing a release show tonight in Tampere and tomorrow in Helsinki, be there and contribute in making power metal great again!

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Pictures of Beast In Black and Metal De Facto playing at Coolhead Live.

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Finnish power metal super group Metal de Facto promises to “make power metal great again” with their debut release ‘Imperium Romanum’ and they’re not far off!