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MEMORIAM – first album trailer released

Old school death metal veterans Memoriam present the first album trailer for their upcoming release!

Extremity – Coffin Birth

Extremity's Coffin Birth throws you back to the early days of death metal.

Mongrel’s Cross – Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court

Mongrel’s Cross sophomore album makes a larger and heavier approach towards blackened thrash metal and shows a good achievement.


With so much hype surrounding the release of the new album I was honored to have a small chat with the band.

Trouble Agency – Suspected

Once more Belgium proves that it's a breeding ground for talented bands. Trouble Agency is one of them, classic thrash that will damage your neck.

Swedish Death Metallers LIK sign to Metal Blade Records!

Swedish old school death metallers of LIK are joining the ranks of the highly influential Metal Blade Records!

Shrapnel – Raised On Decay

After a silence of three years, British thrashband Shrapnel is back with a vengeance. With their second album "Raised On Decay", prepare for a thrash attack that won't...

Nihilism – Beyond Redemption

Old school death metal ranging from France!

Valient Thorr – Old Salt

The Venusian Valient Thorr is back to rile up their "Thorriors"!

Combichrist – This Is Where Death Begins

The beginning of a new era for the band.