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The new video by Medico Peste is pure black metal weirdness.

Album Reviews

“Heilsweg: O Udręce Ciała I Tułaczce Duszy” comes close to perfection the debut displays a melodic grandeur and stands as a sonic ideal in our contemporary times, recommended for fans of Mgła, Blaze of Perdition, and Ascension.

‘The Harrowing of the Hearts’ is a unique paragon of what modern black metal can offer in the contemporary age.

Arkona’s ‘Age of Capricorn’ is a mystifying album, balanced between the ferocious tempos and the slow melodic parts.

Out of nowhere, mgła dropped their brand new full-length ‘Age of Excuse’, another record full of misanthropic black metal!

Deus Mortem’s “Kosmocide” is a great album for those who like their black metal played fast and catchy at the same time!