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Téras – Broken, Frayed Ends

Belgian metal band Téras delivers a nasty thrash record interlaced with the right amount of black and death metal to kick in some teeth!

GRIMM : Téras + Scarificator

Time for another good portion of Thrash Metal, with Téras and Scarificator live at Muziekcentrum Kinky Star!

Beer Pressure Skate and Metal Fest

Beer Pressure: Skate & Metal Festival

GRIMM's first outdoor festival: BEER PRESSURE - Skate & Metal Festival! Live concerts of Warbeast Remains, Turbowarrior of Steel, DevastatiöN, Objector and Téras....

Exclusive premiere of the new Téras video!

A brand new clip of a band that brings brains to thrash metal, smashing boundaries along the way!

GRIMM Metalboozenight + Téras

Metalbooze night met Motörhead drank ter ere van Lemmy en met live performance van Téras