The WEIRD WOLVES are here to dance in hell with you: new single/video “Dancing in Hell” is out now!

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Weird Wolves spend their time well on staying weird, working on new music, and telling limitless stories while crafting concepts for more surprises. 

“‘Dancing in Hell’ is the all too familiar and vastly relatable story about how love can make us alternate between a state of bliss and a state of pain at times. Especially if when 2 lovers are not in sync with their expectations,” states Raf from the Weird Wolves about the lyrics of the new song.

And Ava adds: 

“Sometimes we get in it for the fun, then things evolve for one of the parties but not for the other, and we’re stuck between pleasure and hell, and that can be addictive, confusing and hard to overcome, just like a hard drug.”

Watch Ava playing the evil lover who’s toying with that poor guy who is blinded by black tape until he finally breaks free from her influence and removes his black tape, or does he?… Check it out yourself and enjoy this dark, artsy, and edgy music video here: 

The “Dancing in Hell” video was shot in Austin, TX, by David Bukstein and edited by Raf. Stream / get the song here:

Catch WEIRD WOLVES live on February 4th at Elysium in Austin TX (USA). 

Weird Wolves is:
Ava Gore – Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Raf Colantonio – Vocals, Guitar & Bass

Ava Gore is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, bringing her stirring vocals to the award-winning “Prey” video game soundtrack. And Raphael Colantonio is also the founder behind Arkane Studios, responsible for many famed video game franchises. Add to that the fact that Raphael has backgrounds to highly musically career-defining boundaries and both literally and musically will storm new terrains on a globally touring scale. Ava and Raphael met through the world of video games, and their musical chemistry could not pass unnoticed by their streams on Spotify and the growing fanbase that the two created. Following an official showcase at the SXSW (2019) and many more gigs in the US, the band has continuously attracted new fans throughout the virtual world. The duo is down to conquer the world with their unique strapped-up mixture of electro and rock. Gore and Colantonio have evolved into the Weird Wolves they have always meant to be.


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