Waltari and Lordi joined forces for the remake of ‘Lights On’


Waltari, delighted fans last year with the massive ‘3rd Decade – The Anniversary Edition’ album, but has reasons to toast this year as well. After all, it’s been 30 years since the band’s classic album ‘Torcha’! To celebrate, they roped in Lordi to create a new version of the album’s opening track ‘Lights On’, including a music video!

Kärtsy Hatakka about the collaboration:

“I met Putaansuu for the first time on the first Waltari/Angelit joint tour in Rovaniemi in 1994. Who would have thought then that we would make a video together after 28 years and Lordi’s new version of Waltari’s hit song of that time, and Tomi’s favorite; Lights On! I wouldn’t have invested in predicting this ‘Lights On 2021 version’ when we met in the back room of Rovaniemi’s Tivoli. Life is life! Let’s go around, let’s get together!”

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