Affection released the new video single “Since Blood”


Helsinki-based metal band Affection has released a new song “Since Blood”, which presents the heavier side of their upcoming debut album, titled as “Remnants”. The music video was created by Riivata Visuals, a group that’s responsible for video productions for bands such as Fear Factory, VOLA and Atlas.

Lead singer and songwriter Andy H.C. reveals the background of the song:

“Since Blood was the last song written to the album, and there’s a tragic, true story from my family history behind the lyrics. With this song, I wanted to remember this person whose sad and ferocious fate has been tried, I think, for generations to forget, without reason. Although I’ve never been able to meet this person, there’s a part of him in me and in his other descendants, and that’s why I wanted to write this song.”

The “Remnants” album, which will be released on January 21st through Omnicult Records, can be pre-ordered from Record Shop X or with t-shirts from Bandcamp:

Record Shop X:

Affection – Remnants
1. Man In The Shadow
2. Escape
3. Since Blood
4. Thousand Mirrors
5. Transformation
6. Ben Moore
7. Highway Of Denial
8. Inherit Silence
9. Animal Kingdom
10. Absorbia


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