Aoratos – Gods without Name

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Debemur Morti presents the new project band of the creative and the multi-instrumentalist Naas Alcameth who is the founder of the U.S. atmospheric black metal band Nightbringer and Akhlys. Aoratos is a dark, symphonic and ambient album embellished with the sublime art of black metal. The masterwork on the debut album Gods without Name wanders through the untrodden domains of ambience and ascends to the grandiose pillars of black metal. Akhlys was based on the nightmarish visions of phantasm with reference to spirituality and divinity. Its musical essence has left an exceptional mark on the spectra of the atmospheric black metal, while Aoratos interpretation to the dark and grim soundscapes can leave the listener in a wondering state. I find these two project bands somewhat connected as both of them are composed of many layers. The tremolo adornments are sufficient to enthrall the listener with grim and cold soundscapes. Its upheaval moments comes swirling with guitar riffs and drums blasting like storm.

Image may contain: tree and outdoorIn the past we’ve seen such models and paradigm of symphonic and atmospheric black metal. Aoratos does not follow the iteration of the Nordic black metal bands such as Emperor and Limbonic Art. Naas Alcameth has gathered some effective elements of cold and grim atmospheric and industrial soundscapes, and for this reason the music of Aoratos somehow sounds different, which separates them from the bands mentioned above.

The atmospheric arrangement are more akin to Nightbringer style as there is a strong sense of grimness within the tracks. Naas Alcameth unfolds another haunting and awe-inspiring opus raised from the obscure depth of the underworld. Gods without Name is prefaced with Parallax I, which is a spine chilling piece of ambience that will drag you into a gloomy and mysterious voyage to the realm of the nameless ones. Akhlys and Aoratos are both different project bands, in-spite of the nuances, the first moments of Holy Mother Of Terror will give you the shrills and you’ll be aware that the notion and the orientation to black metal are quite overwhelming on this debut.

The immensity of the atmosphere is daunting and possessive, throttled by abrupt blast beats. The ghastly vocals makes the horrid themes, shaping the music with infernal guitars which are performed astonishingly. The thick layers of synth that flow into the menacing bleakness on Of Harvest, Scythe and Sickle Moon unfurls into a somber aura. The album is built on the same musical installations of Nightbringer, textured with many layers and streaming guitars.

This is nothing but pure majesty of black metal dexterity, the album title illustrates a fine art and it’s profusely applied with symphonies. The traits of symphonic black metal is approached with the fluidity of the synth work and crushing guitars which creates a catchy and palpable sounds of horror. The common qualities to other bands such as Emperor, Limbonic Art and Tartaros, suggests that Gods without Name is unprecedented and unique. The epitome of the performance manifests on tracks like Thresher, and The Watcher on the Threshold. Which are attained with blast beats like blizzard. These two tracks are extracted with tuneful guitars that are measured by heavy orchestrations and the outstanding quality of the music.

The debut is filled with eerie whispers and spectral vocals of uncanny beings, this is yet another complemented work by Naas Alcameth. Gods without Name feels more focused on concise songwriting rather than steering into nothingness. The sublimity of Dread Spirit of the Place is provided with ambience and the splendorous touch of atmospheric conundrum. The synth that ebbs and flows away with the surging riffs, is yet another impressive performance from the mastermind of Nightbringer. Naas Alcameth has defined his style over the past years with his band and other side projects. Aoratos grants the listener with a haunting and terrifying experience, this his latest diabolical opus set on higher plains and before all this sublime opus is dedicated to the spectral entities and those who are nameless!!!

Release Date: March 22nd, 2019
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Track list:
1.Parallax I
2.Holy Mother of Terror
3.Of Harvest, Scythe and Sickle Moon
4.Gods Without Name
6.The Watcher on the Threshold
7.Prayer of Abjection
8.Dead Spirit of the Place
9.Parallax II


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9Aoratos is dark, symphonic and ambient album embellished with the sublime art of black metal. The masterwork on the debut album Gods without Name wanders through the untrodden domains of ambience and ascends to the grandiose pillars of black metal.
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